Friends of Mandarin Scholars (FMS) has been in touch with our community partners and wanted to share these upcoming events/opportunities to enhance your children’s Mandarin learning experience and exposure to Chinese cultural activities.  These events and activities are also posted on the FMS Facebook page.
Cari Pang Chen
FMS Secretary
Looking for a fun way to celebrate the upcoming Autumn Moon Festival? Come out to Central Park in San Mateo on Sunday, September 27 to support Self-Help for the Elderly by participating in the Generation Walk for Wellness at 9:30am (registration starts at 8:30am).  Families are encouraged to sign up and walk with Seniors from the Self Help for the Elderly program – a great opportunity for conversations in Mandarin or Cantonese.  Free family event from 10:30am-2:00pm featuring music and dance performances, as well as food and craft booths.  Updated list of performances:
10:30                       Crocker Middle School Drumline
10:50                       Peninsula Girls Chorus
11:10                       Kirkpatrick Dance
11:25                       Shorinji Kempo Martial Arts
11:40                       Ballet Folkorico Theotihuacan of San Mateo
12:00                       Hai Yan Chinese Dance group (confirmed)
12:30                       California Chinese Youth Orchestra (confirmed)
1:00                      Scarlet Brass Jazz Band
Save the date for the Foster City Library’s Autumn Moon Festival events, which will begin at 1:30pm!  Come celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with family, friends and the community. Enjoy storytelling, music, dance, and lots of children’s activities, along with special moon cake treats.
Beginning September 23, Foster City Library will host a Mandarin Conversation Group for 5th and 6th graders every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm through December 16. This group is similar to the ESL group also hosted by the library, and they are trying to serve students who are speaking Mandarin as a second language. This group will be led by volunteers and will give students a chance to speak Mandarin outside of home and school. They will get an opportunity to speak Mandarin with their peers comfortably in a friendly and relaxed environment. For more information, please contact Wan Fwu at
Mid-Autumn Festival Events and new Mandarin Conversation Group for 5th & 6th graders