Thanks to College Park Elementary parent Vicki Pao for bringing this opportunity to our attention!  With support from the FOR-SITE Foundation in partnership with the National Park Service @ccess Alcatraz / Art in the Parks, and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Friends of Mandarin Scholars in San Mateo-Foster City School District received a total of 99 free tickets for Mandarin immersion students and their families to attend the @Large: Ai Wei Wei on Alcatraz exhibit on April 6, 13, and 16, 2015.  The exhibit will continue through April 26, 2015 and tickets are available online at

Comments from the families who attended:

“Thanks a million for getting us the tickets to see the Ai Wei exhibition! Stan, Michaela and I had the greatest time in Alcatraz, and the Ai Wei exhibition was spectacular! So much talent and the colors were so beautiful. The weather was great in San Francisco; Michaela was very impressed with her first visit to Alcatraz and she learned so much about the San Francisco history.”

“We had a great time thanks to FMS!!”

“We just got back from the trip. It was SO much fun! I think both adults and kids had a great time. Riley, Yuan, and Alexander were glued together throughout the entire tour and boat ride. Katie and Talia partnered with each other throughout as well! In the car coming home, Alexander looked out the window from the car and said, “it was so fun…” I think the Lego exhibitions really caught their attention. The Alcatraz audio tour was very informative and fun as well. Of course going on such a trip with friends is precious and fun!!”