Thank you to the following families and community groups that have supported Friends of Mandarin Scholars and the Mandarin immersion program in San Mateo Foster City School District.  There are many corporations that support FMS by matching donations – click here for a list of those corporations with matching gift programs.

2015-2016 School Year (Donations received July 2014-June 2015)

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GiftBox-50x50Secured Corporate matching gift |  recurring-symbol-25x25 Recurring donation

Diamond $2500+
Anonymous CP family
GiftBox-25x25Cari & Erik Chen
GiftBox-25x25Kathleen & Raymond Lau
Tina Shih & Gordon Strause
Carol Chang & Ming Wu

Platinum $1000-$2499
GiftBox-25x25Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Victor & Nataliya Belfor
GiftBox-25x25Monica & David Beltran
Noelle & Jeffrey Chard
Stephanie & Jack Chiang
Gigi & Kevin Chiu
Amy & Mann Chow
GiftBox-25x25Iris Yen & Rene Geniblazo
Dorothy Huang & Chi Hoang
The Kay Family Fund
Adam & Suzanne Lee
Lim Family Charitable Fund
Caroline & Jeff Liu
Hayley Park & Robert McCarthy
Eunice & Ryan Nichols
Jo Adamkewicz & Scott Sisemore
Albert & Sara Tsang
Vivian Lee & Eric Tsai
GiftBox-25x25Sheva Hu & Steven Wong
GiftBox-25x25Mary Chang & Bernard Wu
GiftBox-25x25Lawren & Ei-Mang Wu
GiftBox-25x25Diana Chung & Mike Williamson
GiftBox-25x25Yizhi & Tong Xiong
Jim & Liz Yeager
James & Helena Yeh

Gold $500-$999
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Alisa & Todd Berliner
Alan Chan
GiftBox-25x25Kathy & Ramon Chea
Chu Family Fund
Yi Kong & Aaron Gitler
Lien Pham & Nick Hoh
Queenie & Jimmy Hua
Lifan Zhang & Timothy Hundley
The Koob Family
Charlotte Lum-Ku & Gregory Ku
Jennifer Kuo
Jane & Joshua Kwan
Colleen Carter & Eric Larsen
Stephanie & Richard Lee
Lydia Lam & Ryan Lew
David & Mimi Lin
Kristine Matulich
Sarah & Thero Mitchell
Brad & Alice Novak
Ida Sim
The So Family
Rajeshwari Swamy
Robert Tseng
Sunshine & Jon Wu
Melissa & Keith Wurster
Michael & Soo Yang
The Yuan Family
Maggie & Tom Yeh

recurring-symbol-25x25 Amalia & Miguel Barragan
recurring-symbol-25x25 Shaun Kunnavatana

Silver $250-$499
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Mariko Kimura & Ross Ikuma
Dawn Kawamura
A. Lee
Anna Kwan & Mitchell Lee
Wayne Young

Bronze $100-$249
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Christine Tam & Tom Finke
Sandra & Wayne Hom
Jerri Martin & Alan Huang
Vicky & Mike Stiles
Nancy Yu

Friend $99 or less
Anonymous CP family
Anonymous CP family
Rachel Chang
Marci Strange
Joy & Rodney Vigil
Maria Ley & Alex Viladevall

Corporate Matches
Bank of America
Charles Schwab
Franklin Templeton Investment Funds
Gap, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Merrill Lynch

In-Kind Donations & Partners
Crystal Asian Adventures LLC – assistance in planning 5th Grade China Trip in October 2015
Kingston Café San Mateo – hosts our monthly Board meetings
Leann’s Café – finger foods for Family Fun Day 2014
Mollie Stone’s – ice for Family Fun Day 2014
Plasti Print, Inc. – banners and printing services
San Mateo Foster City School District – general support & partnership at College Park Elementary & Bayside STEM Academy.
Shaolin Culture Center – SF Chinese New Year Parade choreography & support